Frequently Asked Questions

Is there car parking at Rushcliffe Oaks?
We have a large car park on site with nearly 100 spaces, including six accessible parking spaces. Should it be needed, there is additional free public parking available at the nearby Shepherds Pocket Park & Ride.

If I arrive early is there somewhere for me to wait?
On arrival family and friends can gather in our modern, comfortable and quiet waiting room. There is limited seating available for approximately 14 people.

Where are the toilets?
There are three toilets in the waiting area, including two accessible toilets. There is also a toilet available after exiting the Ceremony Hall.

Where is the coffin placed?
When you lose someone who is central in your life it is only fitting they should rest front and centre in the Ceremony Hall during your celebration of their life. The coffin is placed reverently by the bearers onto a raised platform known as a catafalque.

Will a curtain close around the coffin?
We understand how difficult families can find it as the curtain closes, so at Rushcliffe Oaks you will experience something different. The end of the service can be delicately signified with a subtle lighting sequence, so there are no curtains, no gates, and no disturbance – just peace.

What happens to the flowers after the service?
We encourage families to take the beautiful floral displays home after the service, but if you choose to leave them at Rushcliffe Oaks then, at the end of each day, they are moved into our floral display area. Generally they remain here for a minimum of three days, after which they will be sensitively repurposed or disposed of via composting and recycling where possible.

How long does the service last?
A 60 minute time period is provided, giving plenty of time for a service and saying your goodbyes before departing. There is no feeling of hurry or fluster. If you wish, further time can also be allocated.

How are ashes kept separate?
A cremator can only accept one coffin at a time and all the ashes are removed from the cremator before the next cremation. An identity card is used throughout the whole process until the final relinquishing of ashes, thereby ensuring correct identification.

What happens next?
Once the funeral is over your attention will turn to your wishes regarding your loved one’s ashes. During the arrangement of the cremation you will have filled in a form indicating your wishes but with time to reflect you may find your preference has changed. There is no obligation to adhere to your initial instructions, so you should ensure that your Funeral Director or the crematorium is instructed to hold onto the ashes for a time. Should you choose to change your mind, a simple written instruction will ensure that we are able to follow your updated instructions. We do recommend that you take your time with this decision, to ensure you make the right choice for you and your loved one.

Can my loved one's ashes be scattered at Rushcliffe Oaks?
There are designated areas for scattering in both the formal Acorn Gardens and the more natural Quercus Woodland. You have the option of whether you would like to be present at the time of scattering the ashes. We also have memorialisation plaque options available for you to place a long-term memorial to your loved one. If your loved one was cremated at a different crematorium we would consider it a privilege to arrange for a scattering to take place here at Rushcliffe Oaks.

Can my loved one's ashes be interred at Rushcliffe Oaks?
We have a number of memorialisation options which can accommodate cremated remains. There are log and stone orbs available within the Quercus Woodland or a number of niches in our natural columbarium stones at the border of the woodland and Acorn Gardens. There is no requirement that your loved one had a service at Rushcliffe Oaks to make use of our memorialisations.

For our full range of memorialisation options, please visit the Memorialisations section of our website.