The Rushcliffe Oaks Site

The memorial grounds at Rushcliffe Oaks range from formal lawns and managed gardens to more natural woodland that supports wildlife and encourages bio-diversity. Throughout, sensitive memorialisation options allow for personal expressions of remembrance, providing for dignified reflection amidst tranquil serenity.

Map of the Rushcliffe Oaks site

[Click on the image to view a larger PDF of the layout of the site.]

Acorn Gardens

The peaceful formal gardens are divided by the Oak Avenue and the Memory Walk, creating four distinct memorial lawns – Goldcrest, Wren, Blackbird, and Robin.

Beyond the Avenue the Memory Walk leads to the striking Memory Tree, and then further in three short sections to circular Birch Gardens. Round each of these, memorial benches are available for quiet reflection.

The Oak Avenue itself is lined by memorial kerbs and to the south leads to the Annular Seat – an impressive 10-metre-wide circular bench comprising over 300 engravable memorial slats. Close to the north end of the Avenue, at the edge of the Quercus Woodland, stand three Columbarium Stones for the interment of ashes.

Quercus Woodland (in development)

From the north end of the Oak Avenue paths will radiate down into the tranquil environs of the Quercus Woodland. This green and pleasant habitat, to include wildflower meadows and broad-leafed trees, will be maintained with an emphasis on encouraging wildlife and bio-diversity.

The area is divided into six informal sections, each named after native British animals – Badger, Fox, Hedgehog, Owl, Rabbit and Squirrel.

Mown paths will provide access amongst the trees and meadows, with eight memorial benches available for reflection and remembrance.