Forms for Cremation

All of the forms can be downloaded for completion online and signed digitally. Alternatively, you may wish to print them and complete them by hand. Completed forms must be returned to Rushcliffe Oaks at least three working days prior to the date of the service.

For a standard cremation we will need: a Rushcliffe Oaks Instruction Form; an Application for Cremation (Form 1); a Certificate for Burial and Cremation (known as the green form); and a Medical Certificate (Form 4) completed by a doctor.

If a hazardous implant is identified as present on Forms 1 or 4 we will also need to receive a confirmatory declaration that this has been removed.

Rushcliffe Oaks Instruction Form

Form 1 - Application for the cremation of the body of a person who has died

Form 4 - Medical Certificate (to be completed by registered medical practitioner)

If a Coroner's post-mortem or inquest has been held they will issue a Coroner's Certificate (Form 6) in place of the green form and medical certificate.

Forms for other circumstances are available below. Both of these will also need to be accompanied by a Rushcliffe Oaks Instruction Form.

Form 2 - Application for the cremation of body parts

Form 3 - Application for the cremation of a stillborn baby

Forms can be returned by: