Online BookingInformation for Funeral DIrectors booklet cover

Rushcliffe Oaks uses the Plotbox crematorium software system to manage funeral service allocations at the crematorium. Funeral Directors can provisionally book standard full and early service allocations by logging in to the portal.

The time, date and service type can be selected and once the booking is received an email from Rushcliffe Oaks will be sent to confirm the booking.

Paperwork can be submitted by logging in to the portal and selecting the required appointment, then dropping scanned paperwork or completed digital PDF forms into the documents section. The Rushcliffe Oaks office will then be able to access the documentation immediately.

A full walk-through of how to make a booking through the portal can be found in our Information for Funeral Directors booklet, downloadable here.

Should you or your staff wish to receive training on the use of the Plotbox system, please contact the office to arrange an appointment.