Autumnal Oak leavesMemorialisation Options

Rushcliffe Oaks provides a broad range of memorialisation options, from traditional, formal formats to more innovative installations. Each has been selected to complement the natural beauty of the site and we hope that amongst them you will find something that is perfectly suited for your personal commemoration of your loved one.

At present, memorialisations are available in the more formal Acorn Gardens area. As the trees, shrubs and meadows of the Quercus Woodland develop, further options will become available in this area.

There is no requirement for your loved one's funeral service to have been held at Rushcliffe Oaks. All are welcome to make use of the memorialisation options.

• Options including the Interment of Ashes

• Options for Engraved Memorials

• The Rushcliffe Oaks Digital Book of Remembrance

To order your chosen memorialisation, please fill in the Enquiry Form and one of the Rushcliffe Oaks team will be in touch to guide you through the process, or you can contact us directly.

A leaflet detailing the currently available options can be downloaded in PDF format here.


Remembering the past. Protecting the future.

The nine acres of Rushcliffe Oaks are home to a wide variety of wildlife and we are committed to maintaining their habitats through careful management and sensitive interaction. For this reason, we have chosen to avoid some elements of more traditional cemeteries, in particular prohibiting the use of plastics, glass items, and artificial flowers.

Instead, we encourage visitors to bring natural cut flowers (free from plastic wrappings or bindings) to lay in remembrance when visiting their loved ones’ memorials. Our hope is that this will better protect the natural beauty of the site, maintaining it as a green and pleasant space for all and allowing the planting and wildflowers to thrive as a beautiful backdrop to the memorialisations.

For more details about which items are permitted on the site please see our Guidance for Visitors page. If you have any questions about particular items, please do not hesitate to contact us.