Scattering of Ashes

[For information about Interment of Ashes options please click here]

Should your preference be for your loved one’s ashes to be scattered at Rushcliffe Oaks, there are designated areas in both the Acorn Gardens and the Quercus Woodland. You have the option of whether you would prefer to be present or not at the scattering.

Witnessed Scatterings

If you do wish to be present just let us know and we will make arrangement with you for a suitable date and time. On the day we will meet you at Reception and an Attendant will accompany you to your chosen location. You may choose to perform the scattering yourself or for our Attendant to do it for you.

You might also like to consider anything you wish to be said before and after the scattering.

Unwitnessed Scatterings

Unwitnessed scatterings will take place no sooner than 14 days after the cremation and will be performed with the same dignity and respect as if you were present.

The location of scattering will be recorded and you will be sent a confirmatory notification.


Please note: There is no charge for an unwitnessed scattering of ashes from a Rushcliffe Oaks cremation. For all other options please see our Pricing Information page.