Hedgehog Heroes!

Rushcliffe Oaks - 19/04/2023

Rushcliffe Oaks is a member of the ICCM (Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management) who advise its members to play their part in helping to protect the hedgehog population. To that end, we want to have a scheme in place to help protect any hedgehogs who make the nine acres of grounds at Rushcliffe Oaks their home or foraging site. One section of our Quercus Woodland is actually named Hedgehog, and we are having a wooden chainsaw carving made to indicate this.

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society have a 'Hedgehog Heroes' roll of honour on their website and the team at Rushcliffe Oaks are thrilled to be included in this special scheme. We have added stickers onto our grounds-keeping machinery and will be taking whatever practical steps we can to help with the BHPS campaign to reverse the decline of hedgehogs in the wild, improve their welfare and safeguard the future of this much loved animal.

Pictured are Martin and Sam with their stickered-up strimmers!

Martin with his hedgehog-friendly strimmer at Rushcliffe Oaks Sam with his hedgehog-friendly strimmer at Rushcliffe Oaks