Partners visit the developing Rushcliffe Oaks site

Rushcliffe Oaks - 27/05/2022

Partners met on site this week to view the latest progress as the main building’s structure continues to take shape. Leader of the Council Cllr Simon Robinson said:

“The Council is seeking to be carbon neutral in its operations by 2030 and this is reflected at the heart of the design and thought process for this new facility.

“Through the use of innovative technologies and renewable energy sources, with a greener electric powered cremator instead of the more traditional use of gas, CO2 emissions will be lowered by up to 85 per cent. Rushcliffe Oaks will be one of the first in the country to invest in this new technology.

“An extensive landscape management plan has been developed which focuses on retaining and enhancing boundary planting to attract wildlife and a living roof on the single-storey building aims to reduce the visual impact from the surrounding area.

“The crematorium’s focus on reflecting a connection back to nature and wildlife will provide a facility to the community that allows a sensitive, peaceful and respectful send off for loved ones.”

Partners visiting the Rushcliffe Oaks site